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The Blue Heart Emoji 💙

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The Blue Heart emoji is one of a series of 29 heart-related emojis on the iPhone.

Since hearts are the traditional symbol of love and romance, this goes for the blue one as well. 

The Blue Heart emoji conveys the love between close friends or even between teammates, work colleagues and school classmates….that is NOT romantic. 

It is mainly used to show feelings of affection for someone else……but only AS A FRIEND. 

Yep! The Blue Heart emoji is the unofficial Friendzone emoji. 

So if your crush sends you 💙, it means you have been friend-zoned.

Now, don’t cry. Eat the entire tub of ice cream if you feel like it.

Then go ahead and post how bad you feel by showing the world how sad and “blue” your broken 💙heart💙 is. 

Because of its colour, the Blue Heart emoji 💙 is also used to convey sadness, disappointment and even depression.

And finally, use it if you want to be all manly man just to tell your bros how much you appreciate them for their friendship.

Five of the best times to use the Blue Heart Emoji 💙

When you’re tired of the red heart.

When you’re feeling blue because of a semi or almost broken or neglected heart. 

When you want to share the feels with your bros (because it’s blue!) 💙

To send your love or support to your fave team – if the team color is blue –  because #cliche. 

When you are friendzoning someone or have just been friendzoned yourself. 

  • Girl 1: “OMG He is so into me!!”
  • Girl 2: “Hard No. He just sent you a blue heart emoji. You’ve been friendzoned.💙”

Creating Your Customized Emoji!

When you use the New option from the app’s home screen, you get several creation tools. From left to right, this is the order in which you make your emoji:

Pick a template, like a multi-colored base, a square face, or a taco head.
Choose a pair of eyes.
Decide on some eyebrows.
Flip through the mouth options to find a suitable one.
Add some facial hair if you want.
Optionally pick some hand gestures.

Select one of the objects to have your emoji stand out.

Choose a hat for your emoji.
Every option is customizable, so you can drag them around the emoji background, rotate them, and resize them using normal finger gestures.

Tap the download button when you’re finished to save your custom emoji to your gallery

When you’re ready to use your custom-built emoji, use the app drawer next to the keyboard to select the two-faced Emojily icon. It’s there that you’ll find the emoji you made.

Emoji Me Animated Faces is a similar free app for iPhone and iPad. iOS 13 and iPadOS users can make emoji with Memoji. Animated Memoji is available only on iPhone X and later, iPad Pro 11-in, and iPad Pro 12.9-in (3rd gen).

Download Now in The App Store and Join over 2 million Emoji Fanatics! x

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